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Trading on Betfair: How do I get started?

Although at first trading can seem extremely difficult to the beginner, with a lot of practice and some determination a good consistent profit can be earned. It is important to note that trading is time-consuming and it can be stressful as you need to be watching odds but this can only lead to experience.


What are the basics of horse racing in the UK?

Horse racing in Britain is big business and extremely popular. If you're new to British racing, then you need to examine the basics. You might be familiar with racing in another country, or new to the game altogether.

You may already know how it works in other countries, or it may all be new for you. Read more all here.

How to avoid having a TILT in poker that ruins your bank

The first thing you need to do is find out what sort of tilter you are. Do not believe anyone who says they do not tilt. They are lying. Everyone does it in some way, shape or form.

Horse racing market types.

Knowing the basis of horse racing is of great importance.

With this article you will get to know what to expect of the major market on the racetrack.

Football Trading: Time Bombs

The good trader knows how to take advantage of the market variations at any given moment.

A good trading time management minimizes your exposure and protects your profits.

Increase Your Poker Profits In Five Easy Steps

Bankroll management may be one of the most boring subjects in the world but it is crucial to get right if you want to be a profitable poker player.


Donk Bet: deceive your opponents in Poker

Deceiving, or leading into opponents, is often referred to as a “donk-bet”, a derogatory term as it is often seen as a weak play to make.

In poker it pays to think outside of the box and to make plays that your opponents are not expecting. Being able to adapt and alter your play based on your opponent type is crucial to becoming successful at poker so the sooner you start to do it the better.

Poker: playing against Loose-Passive players

Loose-passive players are always looking for an excuse to call. Usually having third pair is more than enough for them to make the call regardless of the texture of the board or of the action they have been facing on previous streets.

How to handle the losses in Poker

How you cope and deal with losing at poker can often be the difference between you being a winning player and a losing one.

Lear how to deal with "bad beats" in Poker

How you deal with bad beats can and will shape you as a poker player, the sooner you get used to them the better because they are not going away anytime soon so you may as well learn how to deal with bad beats and even come to embrace them.

What does Betting and Trading Bots can or cannot do for you?

Bots were always surrounded by an aura of mystery and fascination, sometimes regarded as magical tools capable of guaranteeing massive profits, true “money machines”!

The reality is very different though and the ultimate objective of this article is to finally put this question to rest, showing clearly what a bot can (and can’t) do for the bettor.


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