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/ Loss

Net Profit / Loss

* Some variations in the values may occur due to rounding.

Note: Calculations are only valid in markets where there is only one possilbe winner. Ex: Correct Score market


With the Betting Academy India's Dutching calculator you calculate the return of your bets for any combination quickly and safely!!

Dutching is a specific type of bet that consists of placing simultaneous bets on various outcomes in order to guarantee equal profit on all choices.

It is said that this well-known method is wrapped in an ancient legend, according to which the accountant of the famous Al Capone was its author. At a time when horse racing betting was concentrated on backing the favourite, the mafia decided to interfere with favourite horse, so the second favourite could win. However, this strategy did not always work. It was then that Al Capone's accountant, known as Dutchy, proposed that they bet on more than one favourite.

This strategy has become known in the world of horse racing, however, it was quickly adapted to sports betting.

Basically, Dutching consists of splitting a bet through multiple selections within the same market, especially if we are talking about an event with two or more possible outcomes, to increase the chances of winning.

With the Betting Academy India's Dutching calculator you find out how much to bet on each of your selections, so you can guarantee equal profit on all your bets. All you have to do is indicate the total amount you want to risk and the odds values and the calculator does the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions Dutching Calculator
The best sports bookmakers for Dutching are those listed in our "Best Bookmakers" area. Enter these bookmakers and use our Dutching calculator to get the best results.
With a Dutching calculator you can calculate how much you should bet on the various selections of a market in order to make a profit when one of these selections wins.
With a Dutching calculator you'll be calculating how much you should bet on the various selections so that if one of them is a winner, the profit is the same. In the case of a bookmaking calculator, the reasoning is similar but the bets are against the selections.


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