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The importance of information when negotiating a bet

Having an information bank helps the bettor to avoid several traps.

Best bets for Wednesday 26/01/22

Follow the best bets for Wednesday 26/01/22!

How to reduce risk in sports betting?

Through good analysis and management, some risks can be avoided.

New York allows sports betting

New York State has allowed sports betting in its regions!

Best bets for Tuesday 25/01/22

Follow the best bets for Tuesday 25/01/22!

Best bets for Sunday 23/01/22

Follow the best bets for Sunday 23/01/22!

What are the main flaws of sports bettors?

Many bettors make the same mistakes, especially beginners.

Best bets for Thursday 20/01/22

Follow the best bets for Thursday 20/01/22!

Best bets for Wednesday 19/01/22

Follow the best bets for Wednesday 19/01/22!

Best bets for Tuesday 18/01/22

Follow the best bets for Tuesday 18/01/22!
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Month's top Tipsters

SC André Braz6383 1,522%
1 Almir Cesar Cesar 67€ 811%
SC mitchell neis 783%
SC Diego Santana9384 548%
SC Rodrigo Freitas Soares 312%
2 Aparecidense/Sergipe 56€ 260%
3 Mauro Reis 45€ 249%
SC carlosgustavo 239%
ST Caixao 222%
SC IGOR27 180%
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