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Poker terms - dictionary of game words

Poker terms - dictionary of game words
For those who dream of becoming a poker professional it is important to be familiar with the vocabulary used by the players.
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Poker is a game that has numerous words to indicate actions, so to help you stay on top of some words used by players, we have listed below some important terms used in Poker:


A worthless hand.


Purchase of an extra amount of chips at the end of a predetermined period.


When a player bets all of his chips.


Is a mandatory bet made by everyone at the table before the hand starts.

Bad beat:

It is when a hand that is a favorite to win ends up losing to a hand that is the least favorite.


Mandatory bets placed by the two players to the left of the dealer and are placed before the cards are dealt. Big blind for the full bet and the small blind pays “half” bet.


It is the amount of money available that you have to play.


Making your opponent believe that you have a better hand than his, when in fact you don't.


These are the community cards turned over on the table.


It is the bonus or cash bonus that a player receives for eliminating another competitor from the tournament.


Registration fee for any tournament or private table.


It is the button in front of the player who is sitting in the Dealer's position at the time of the hand.


Pay a bet.

Cash Out:

Withdrawing a partial or total amount of money from a poker account, or when the player leaves the table and the chips he had are converted to cash and credited to his account.


Pass your turn or ask for a table.


It is the plastic discs that represent the cash in cash games or the value of chips in tournaments.

Chip leader:

The player with the most chips in a table or tournament.


It is when you are unlucky to have a very good hand, but your opponent manages to have a stronger hand than yours.

Dead Money:

Money or chips that are already in the pot.


Player who is seated in the Button position, or the person responsible for monitoring, shuffling and dealing the cards during the game.


Number of players at a table or tournament.


First three community cards dealt on the table.


When you have five cards of the same suit.

Flush Draw:

When only one card is missing to complete the flush.


Act of giving up the hand.

Four of a Kind:

There are four cards with the same suit.


Tournaments are played free of charge with cash payment.


Tournament where re-entry is not allowed.

Full house:

When a set and a pair are formed.

High Stakes:

These are games that involve high-value or high-risk bets.


Where all players enter the prize pool of a tournament.


An unmatched card to determine which hand is the best.


It is the act of "folding" without showing the cards.

No limit:

Games where bets do not have a stipulated limit.


Have the best hand at any time in the game.


When you bet a higher amount than you have in the pot.


A card higher than any on the board.

Pot limit:

Mode in which the maximum allowed bet is the value of the pot.


Pushing all-in, pushing all the chips


Action of increasing the bet.


It is raising a bet that has already been raised before.


Last card that is turned over on the table.

Royal Flush:

Best possible hand, it is a straight (AKQJ-10) of the same suit.


It is a qualifying tournament, where the prize is the seat for a more expensive tournament.

Second pair:

It is when you have the second best possible pair.


When you get three of a kind.


It is when at the end of the last round the players show the cards to see who is the winner.

Split pot:

When the pot is divided between two or more players.


When five cards are hit in a row.

Straight flush:

When you hit five cards in sequence with the same suit.


It is the table's fourth community card.