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Profile and volume in sports betting

Profile and volume in sports betting

Follow the article below and stay updates on the importance of profile and volume in sports betting.

by Josué Ramos   |   comments 0



One of the great foundations of sports betting is the gambler's profile. The profile includes the psychological, emotional and cognitive side. Factors that are fundamental. So there is no need to stress how important the profile understanding is.
A gambler needs to know his limits. You need to know yourself.
Many problems will occur during the course of your career as a gambler, you will go through various extreme situations and there is no way to prepare emotionally or psychologically for this. Remembering that I am a psychologist, that is, it is not just someone within common sense reiterating this.
The big question is that you will go through problematic situations, it will happen and there is nothing you can do about it. And so that this does not compromise your long term in sports betting, it is necessary to establish rules to follow when certain situations occur. In this way we are creating an education about the facts that have occurred, we are learning to behave more coolly in certain situations.
However, it is necessary that certain rules are well established, to be followed in these situations, which becomes an effective way to control impulsivity.
There is a very important and pertinent question at this point. When we go through a period of loss, that period will inevitably affect us psychologically, emotionally and cognitively. Our decision making is affected and there is nothing we can do about it. But the big question is, is this fact of being affected bad or good?
Inevitably, we are faced with a situation where our renewal and our resilience are required, there is no way that this is a bad thing. That's when we will grow and evolve. What I mean, is that we cannot avoid these periods, or events of the kind, nor should we avoid them, since it is these traumatic events that shape and transform us into what we will be in the future. The construction of the rules that I stressed is just to stay in control while we are affected by these events, so that we can measure impulsivity, nothing more. Avoiding these events is as impossible as it is harmful.



One of the great secrets of sports betting, sports trading is volume. That is nothing more than moving as much money as possible from your bankroll per event. To understand this in a simple way, calculate the profit of 5% over 100 thousand and calculate the same 5% profit over 1 million. It is notable that 5% compared to 1 million is greater. In a 100 thousand bankroll, 1 million is 10 times your bankroll. To rotate in cash the amount of 1 million with 100 thousand bankroll, it would be enough to rotate your bankroll 10 times in bets.
It seems difficult, it seems complicated. All management of a professional gambler, whether punter or trader, must be designed to facilitate the turnover of the bankroll. The work strategy should be designed to create a volume of money. It is necessary to circulate as much money as possible from your bankroll during an event, without forcing anything of course, just naturally. The problem is that the vast majority of managements are made only so that the gambler does not go bankrupt, the strategies in their majority are very simple and cowardly.
The vast majority of gamblers think that when working on an event, they should place a bet, extract a little profit and finish. When in fact we need to surround all possible markets, all scenarios and always be in the direction where it presents mismatch.
What needs to be understood is that in order to be profitable in the long run, volume is necessary, as this way we increase our profitability. The big question is how to design a healthy strategy that will allow you to make volume of the money you bet.