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The ideal poker player

This is not a technical article, although some of the characteristics listed here should be absorbed by the reader.

Small tips on what turns players into winners at Poker

Nobody becomes a winner in our sport by chance. Dedication, discipline and commitment are vital to the evolution of the player.

Three mistakes beginners often make at Poker

When you are a beginner or inexperienced, it is common for players to have several leaks to be corrected in their game.

Poker: talking about volume

To obtain satisfactory results in this sport, it is necessary to spend hours and hours grinding.

The pros and cons of online and live poker

Although it is the same game, online and live poker have unique characteristics.

A brief notion about range adaptation

Daniel Dornelles made a short educational article for the Academy. Be sure to read!

Bankroll management

To become a great poker player it is important to establish appropriate principles for your bankroll management.

Some differences between Online and Live Poker

Online and Live Poker differ a lot from each other, know a little more about it.

Bad beat in Poker

Learn how to deal with a bad beat in poker, one of the reasons that many poker players lose a large amount of their bankroll.

Learning how to calculate pot odds

In this article, we will learn, in a simple and practical way, how to calculate pot odds.